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Welcome to our family medicine practice in Aachen-Frankenberg

Your practice for Internal Medicine and Family Medicine right in the heart of Aachen

We speak: German and English
Please advise us of your preferred language to guarantee the best possible service.
Medical doctor in Aachen / family medicine practice in Aachen.

Our doctors and nurses (MFA) strive to deliver individualized personal medical solutions within our outpatient diagnostic spectrum. Our doctors apply state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, always in accordance with your own, individual medical needs.

Our team and our medical doctors are looking forward to your visit.

When you call for an appointment, please make sure you communicate clearly in what language you would need to consult a doctor. Up-to-date opening hours and notices in English can also be found on our Facebook, or Google-Business accounts.


 Medicine practice Christian-Quix-Straße: 

Dr. med. Joachim Dupont M.D.

Board certified in Family Medicine & Internal Medicine

Martina Keber M.D.

Board certified in Family Medicine

Dr. med. Fabian Dupont

Postgraduate physician for general medicine

Christian-Quix-Straße 18
52066 Aachen (Frankenberg)

Phone 0241 / 50 90 79
Fax 0241 / 50 90 73
Prescription-tel 0241 / 50 90 70

Our family medicine practice is a academic teaching center at RWTH University Aachen (Department of Family Medicine). Excellent patient care is our foremost endeavour. Our young and dynamic team of medical doctors and nurses stand for personalised patient-centered health care in evidence-based medicine. We serve as a primary health care facility and we are looking forward to assisting you with your medical inquiry here in Aachen.